Friday, August 22, 2014

Lori Wilson Park at Cocoa Beach

I love being able to take day trips to the beach and being able to relax! My mom and I recently took a day trip out to Cocoa Beach and spent the day relaxing at the beach at Lori Wilson park.

 photo LoriWilsonPark.jpg

One of the greatest things about Lori Wilson Park is the free parking! I hate paying for parking and usually do what I can to avoid it. The parking lot is a decent size although you may have to drive around looking for someone leaving in the summertime. There are picnic tables and a public restroom when you first enter the park and a huge grassy area if you are looking to host a big gathering.

 photo Picnic.jpg

You will notice the Sea Turtle Nesting/Hatching Season signs before you go over the boardwalk to the beach which runs from March to October as well as some of the rules for the beach:
  • No glass containers on the beach
  • No animals on the beach
  • No littering
  • No open alcohol containers on boardwalks

 photo TurtleSign.jpg

The boardwalk on the walk down to the beach provides a very picturesque view with big trees and palm plants that frame the beach as you make your way down.

 photo Boardwalk.jpg

 photo Boardwalktothebeach.jpg

This little guy was modeling for me:
 photo Lizard.jpg

There is also a gazebo on the boardwalk with a picnic table that offers a shady place to eat lunch with a beautiful view of the beach!

 photo PicnicTableonBoardwalk.jpg

 photo CocoaBeach.jpg

The beach wasn't too crowded when we were there although it was a weekday so most of the crowd was from out of town. I can imagine that this part of the beach could get pretty crowded on weekends when the locals/surrounding areas are off work.

 photo Beach.jpg

 photo Lifeguard.jpg

Where are your favorite spots to hang out in Cocoa Beach?


  1. I've been to Lori Wilson Park once before and love it! It's so nice being surrounded by endless beautiful beach options on either side of us!

    1. The public restrooms and picnic areas are just the icing on the cake! ;)