Sunday, October 4, 2015

Festival of Fantasy parade at Disney's Magic Kingdom

If you're planning a trip to Magic Kingdom anytime soon, make sure to include the Festival of Fantasy parade in your schedule!

The parade happens daily at 3pm and can be seen on the parade route starting in Frontierland then moving through Liberty Square, in front of Cinderella's castle and down Main Street, USA ending near the front of the park. The parade features some of our favorite characters from Disney classics and newer Disney stories. Maleficent makes an appearance in dragon form and apparently breathes fire although I don't think it was working when we were there. The steampunk inspired float is incredible regardless!


 photo Cinderella.jpg

 photo Frozen.jpg

 photo Tangled.jpg

 photo Ariel.jpg

 photo Peter Pan.jpg

 photo Captain Hook.jpg

 photo Smee.jpg

 photo Tink.jpg

 photo Tick-Tock the Crocodile.jpg

 photo Brave dancers.jpg

 photo Brave.jpg

 photo Fairy Godmothers.jpg

 photo Maleficent Briers.jpg

 photo Maleficent Dragon.jpg

 photo Dragon.jpg

 photo Seven Dwarves.jpg

 photo Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.jpg

 photo Alice in Wonderland.jpg

 photo Bubble Dancer.jpg

 photo Pinnochio.jpg

 photo Donald and Daisey.jpg

 photo Goofy.jpg

 photo Mickey and Minnie.jpg

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