Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nautique Wake Games at the Orlando Watersports Complex

This past weekend we were given free tickets to check out the Nautique Wake Games at the Orlando Watersports Complex and the weather was gorgeous so we took full advantage! I've driven by the Orlando Watersports Complex many times on 528 on my way to the airport or out to the parks but have never had the opportunity to check it out.

Does this sign look familiar? It should if you frequent toll rd 528!

 photo _DSC8554.jpg
The Watersports Complex (or OWC as they call it) is "is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing, kneeboarding and waterskiing." The park is suitable for riders of all skill levels as they have a two full size cable systems, a two-tower system and a boat lake. You can check out rates here. The competition was held on the boat lake but there were riders out on the cable system tearing up the ramps and some just learning how to get up! It's definitely something fun and different to check out! We're going to try to go back at some point this summer to test out our skills on the cable system. They even offer a "Get up guarantee" program for beginners!

Here are some of the riders on the cable system:
 photo f75610be-00f6-4db3-8a0c-35e7cde8f28d.png

The wake competition was definitely fun and something I had never seen before! I would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't been to one before. While we were there, we saw wake skaters (which means the board isn't strapped onto their feet) and then men and women wake boarders (the board is strapped to their feet). The wake boarders were definitely getting more air and were able to do cooler tricks since they didn't have to worry about keeping the board underneath them.
 photo b58b8b35-2b0b-4a82-988d-1cf9afbe9b34.png
The whole event was pretty much a big party with beer and food tents, merch vendors, cornhole, an announcer table and tons of free stuff! People were even getting in the water where the competition was going on which was a great place to check out the action and cool off a bit.

 photo _DSC8615.jpg  photo _DSC8626.jpg  photo _DSC8637.jpg

Tips for going to check out a competition:

-*-Bring a beach towel or chairs to set up in the grassy area

-*-Don't forget your sunscreen! This one's pretty much obvious in Florida!

-*-Wear your swim suit! We didn't even think about wearing our swim suit out there but I wish we had! It was so hot and the water felt amazing.

-*-Be ready to jump up and run to a tent to get some free swag! Most of the free stuff was available to the first people who got to the tent when the announcer called it out. Swag included coozies, t shirts, posters, etc. Plus the eventwe went to was sponsored by Rock Star so there were free energy drinks as well.

-*-Bring cash. Some of the vendors (including the beer vendor) did not accept credit cards!

Have you ever been to the Orlando Watersports Complex? I'd love to hear about your experience!


  1. This is wear Jason used to go when he had that wakeboard itch and I was working... and no one else was available that could drive the boat!!! :)

    1. Really?!? I didn't know that! We should all go next time they have a competition!