Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Beach Bash at Bahama Breeze

This post brought to you by Bahama Breeze. All opinions are 100% mine.
One of my all time favorite restaurants is Bahama Breeze so I was so excited when I found out about the Bahama Breeze Summer Beach Bash that runs from June 23rd to August 3rd this summer! It's the perfect way to enjoy some great food and drinks and to celebrate good times with friends and family.

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-18at15323PM_zps53f4b66d.png

Matt and I had the chance to check out the Summer Beach Bash earlier this week and we had an awesome time as always! We sat at the bar (because we're those kind of people) and enjoyed the awesome hospitality, great food and drinks, and live reggae music.

Live regae music

Coconut shrimp is a must whenever we go as it's Matt's favorite thing on the menu!

Coconut Shrimp

I definitely had to try the Bahama Breeze Ultimate Pineapple, which is absolutely the must have drink of the summer! It's a piƱa colada and strawberry dacquiri (Miami vice) made with Bacardi Oakheart, Coco Lopez and Myer's Dark Rum served in a pineapple to really make you feel like you're in the islands. There's just something about drinking out of a pineapple that makes you feel like you're on vacation!

Ultimate Pineapple

I decided to also try one of their fresh raspberry mojitos which was so refreshing and really hit the spot! You can see all of the muddled raspberries in there that helped to give this drink so much flavor!

Raspberry Mojito

Bahama Breeze is the summer destination for good times if you're looking for a good place to connect with friends and family and let loose a little bit-island style! If you attend the Summer Beach Bash this summer, make sure to enter the #MyBBSelfie Instagram contest for a chance to win #BahamaBreeze gift cards and swag! I'm definitely a selfie kinda girl (who isn't?!) and had to take a photo with my Ultimate Pineapple! Check it out on Instagram!

Do you have a Bahama Breeze near you? Find out here and make sure to visit between now and August 3rd to experience The Summer Beach Bash for yourself! I can't wait to see all of the selfies!

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  1. Soooo I have to admit I have never been to Bahama Breeze but this article let me know that I need to add a trip to BB into my very future ventures. That drink looks amazeballs!! I must have one! Deff a vacation in a pine!! <3 Thanks for your great fun in the sun ideas!! :)

    1. I can't believe you've never been! It's right up your alley! ;)

      You def need to check it out!

  2. OMG, there's a Bahama Breeze in Waterford Lakes!!! I'm definitely going to try the Ultimate pineapple! It looks amazing!!