Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in the Shire in Orlando

Looking for a new family holiday tradition in Orlando? I recently discovered the Christmas in the Shire holiday display in Hunters Creek and had to see it for myself!

 photo ChristmasintheShire-1.png

Christmas in the Shire is a FREE holiday lights extravaganza located in the Falcon Trace neighborhood in Orlando. The house features 48 themed Christmas trees located all throughout the house. The owners warmly open their doors and welcome people from all over Orlando to enjoy their Holiday display!

 photo HouseFront.jpg
 photo ChristmasintheShire.jpg

The display is open nightly from 6-10pm through Dec 27th and is something you will be talking about for years! The amount of work and detail that goes into this yearly display is incredible! We are talking about going back a second time and bringing the whole family because it's impossible to see everything in one visit.


-The display is open nightly from 6-10pm through Dec 27th
-This experience is FREE!
-Great for the whole family! 

The house is located at:
14645 Grand Cove Dr
Orlando, Florida 32837


The house accepts donations as their electricity bill this time of year is $1,000 more than it typically is! If you press and hold the button on the donations box, something special will happen! Look around the house to see what it is!

 photo DonationsBox.jpg

Here are some of my favorites from our visit!

Wizard of Oz Tree
 photo WizardofOztree.png

Peppermint Tree
 photo PeppermintTree.jpeg

Blue Hanging Tree
 photo BlueTree.jpeg

Mardi Gras Tree
 photo MardiGrasTree.jpeg

Polar Bear Tree
 photo PolarBearTree.jpeg
 photo PolarBear.jpeg

Snowman Tree
 photo SnowmanTree2.jpeg
 photo SnowmanTree.jpeg

Penguin Tree
 photo PenguinTree.jpeg
 photo PenguinTree2.jpeg

Travel Tree
 photo TravelTree.jpeg

Gold Tree
 photo GoldTree.jpeg

Abominable Snowman and Yukon Cornelius
 photo RudolphFriends.jpeg

American Pride
 photo USATree.jpeg

Florida Tree
 photo UnderTheSeaTree.jpeg

Halloween Tree
 photo HalloweenTree.jpeg

 photo PeanutsVillage.jpg
 photo WhitePeanutsTree.jpg
 photo PeanutsWreath.jpeg

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