Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday: Places I want to visit (in Florida of course!)

Five places I would love to visit (and of course share with you!) this year:

I can't believe I've lived in Florida for 7 years and have never been to Key West! I NEED to visit! I tried to drive down once with some friends and made it to Key Largo and didn't want to drive anymore. I'm thinking a 2 hour boat ride from Ft Myers with a drink in my hand would be much more my speed!


 photo discovery-cove.jpg
I have been once a few years ago and had a BLAST! Plus I absolutely LOVE dolphins so this place is perfect for me! And with unlimited Anheuser Busch products with your park admission, you can't really go wrong! ;)


I haven't been to Busch Garden's in over two years and they are currently building the nation's soon-to-be tallest freestanding drop tower, Falcon's Fury (opening May 1st)! I can't wait to check it out but will probably let them run it for a while to get the kinks out first!
 photo 6bc69c86-70c0-4f67-b0ae-6012f5f36381.png


 photo ee12eaaa-6b28-417d-800d-b3c286ce4d4e.png

I have heard about how beautiful Destin's beaches are and I can't wait to check them out for myself! 

 photo miami-south-beach_596x334.jpg

Another place I can't believe I haven't been in all the years that I've been here! I definitely have a little bit of a party girl in me and would love to check out the South Beach bars, clubs and beautiful beaches!

Is there anything I'm missing? Where are your favorite places to visit in Florida?


  1. I love this Blog!! You must go to Key West! Destin was pretty nice.... although I was only 19 when we went... South Beach is deff not on my to do list. I hear it's very expensive and probably not all its cracked up to be... but I've never been so don't take my word for it. ;) The dolphins are amazing!! My only time swimming with them was with my Bestie in the Bahamas ;) and it was Amazeballs. And call me when you go to Busch Gardens I would love to try out that new coaster! :) Looking forward to many more awesome blogs from Dani!!

  2. Always awesome to find another Orlando blogger!
    I went to Destin in October and it was so beautiful! I have always wanted to swim with the manatees in Crystal River, there are always groupons for it and I think it would be amazing!



  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! Swimming with the manatees would definitely be cool! I'll definitely have to do that when the water gets warmer! Your blog is super cute btw Holly! :)